Government Initiative for Cheap Hajj

It is constantly asserted that government never consider the welfare and simplicity of a typical working man, yet it is the duty of government to give each unwinding to the overall population including every one of the classes and sectors. Especially in the matter of religious obligations like Hajj government has to be careful and design such kind f schemes and packages which are public friendly and everyone can be able to perform Hajj easily no matter what is his class or status is. From the previous several years government has failed to provide any relief to the people who want to apply for Hajj and want to go to perform Hajj but this year the government present something that worth. The government presented the 2017 Cheap Hajj packages plan which is unbelievably low cost as compared to other normal and VIP Hajj Packages.

This Hajj package includes a sea rout travel plan for three days means the Hajj performers will go to the Saudi Arabia through the sea routs which bring amazing cost reduction in their travel expense. The total estimated expense is around 4 to 5 lacks of Hajj packages offered by the government through airline. And the package offered by the travel agencies are much more that this but in the sea rout package only the traveling expense will the around $250 to $300 only and in this package the government will provide the medical and food facilities to the passengers. This is really the cheapest Hajj package 2017 and of the hajj history ever.

It is also make sure by the government that the ships which will be used in the services are fully furnished, well maintained and fully equipped. These ships have all the latest facilities and technologies which are helpful for the travel and it is also briefed that these ships will be able to handle any kind of uncertain situation during the voyage. The feasibility report of the project is assembled by the religious ministry of Pakistan and sent to the Prime minister for the final approval. It seems to be really interesting news for the common people of the state but the real thing which needs to be treated is the corruption in the state so the real deserving people can get benefit from this service.

If this cheapest Hajj package by the government will not be completely free from all kind of corruptions and frauds then the common working class for which it is designed will not be able to get its all benefits and it will also became difficult as the air package is. The ships and the mechanism required complete governance and maintenance so the travel will be convenient and comfortable for the people and it will not face issues and cases as like the PIA. To make this a cheapest and best Hajj package ever in the future government needs to pay special attention so the people will prefer it and show their confidence as well.


New Visa Rules for Hajj Travel 2017

If you are preparing for Hajj and looking to apply for Hajj visa, you will have to keep the following new rules in your consideration. While reading these new rules, keep in the consideration that you are an American. The information and the description of rules are prepared for Americans and if you are belonging to any other country, you will have to check accordingly. Keep in the mind that there is a little difference in the rule for applying the visa that varies country to country. Understanding the visa rules will also help you to choose the cheapest hajj package 2017. One thing that is common for every country is the accommodation and transportation booking. The Hajj visa will longer be issued if you don’t book your accommodation and transportation in advance and pay for it with the proof. Continue reading New Visa Rules for Hajj Travel 2017

Affordable Hajj Packages 2016

Choosing Hajj is a yearly occasion of huge religious hugeness to Muslims. Each Muslim must continue for Hajj in any event once in their lifetime. This journey to Makkah in Saudi Arabia happens somewhere around eighth and twelfth day of Dhu al Hijjah month of Islamic datebook. Hajj bundles are offered by driving travel offices crosswise over landmasses. So here is a little direction that you ought to comprehend the cheap hajj packages 2016. Continue reading Affordable Hajj Packages 2016