New Visa Rules for Hajj Travel 2017

If you are preparing for Hajj and looking to apply for Hajj visa, you will have to keep the following new rules in your consideration. While reading these new rules, keep in the consideration that you are an American. The information and the description of rules are prepared for Americans and if you are belonging to any other country, you will have to check accordingly. Keep in the mind that there is a little difference in the rule for applying the visa that varies country to country. Understanding the visa rules will also help you to choose the cheapest hajj package 2017. One thing that is common for every country is the accommodation and transportation booking. The Hajj visa will longer be issued if you don’t book your accommodation and transportation in advance and pay for it with the proof.

Appointment of travel Agent

Always hire a travel agent affiliated to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. Never trust a company or agent that is not associated with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. Keep in the mind that your travel company must have an agent in the local country and in the Saudi Arabia to support your travel. We have seen many people complaining about the lack of coordination when a travel company does not have any other agent in the Saudi Arabia to support your needs. Some travel companies also hire temporary or seasonal staff to manage hajj travels. Avoid working with such companies.

The temporary or offshore staff never cares about you as it is not their permanent job. They are not concerned with the satisfaction of the pilgrims coming for the performance of the hajj. Always hire a company that keep permanent nature of staff in the locality you live and in the Saudi Arabia to assist in your hajj travel. They are committed and fully responsible to secure their jobs.

Job Nature of your Local Agent

According to new rules, the accommodation, transportation and flight booking arrangement will be done by your agent and the payment for all of these things will be made in advance. All of these payments should be clear before the departure of the pilgrim to the Saudi Arabia for the performance of hajj and Umrah. The proof of the payments will be submitted to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj by your agent to ensure the legal entrance of the pilgrim in the Saudi Arabia for the performance of Hajj. These details are essential to send to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj to get the visa for hajj. According to now rules, the Saudi Embassy will not issue the visa for the people who have not submitted their payment details of accommodation, transportation and the flight.

The Saudi Government will ensure the detail within two weeks to issue the visa. After the thorough inspection and verification, the Saudi Government will issue the visa for you. Keep all these things to get cheapest hajj package 2017 and while getting the visa according to new rules.


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